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Dancer, DJ, Female Powerhouse

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When I think about it, my love affair with DJing began as a child when I used to steal my father’s cassettes and record my own mix tapes. Being fascinated with the rhythms, beats and melodies in music, it has always been clear to me that music has an undeniable power to change your mood for the better. That passion led me on a journey to the dance world and it was then, later in life, whilst living in Samoa, that I began to explore mixing music at latin parties. From that moment on, I began to invest myself deeply into learning and growing as a versatile DJ. Pursuing various classes, certification courses, apprenticeships and mentorship programmes with established and successful Djs (both locally and internationally) over the years, has led to wonderful opportunities in which I have been blessed to perform at amazing events worldwide. My style and aesthetic as a versatile DJ, able to offer a broad range of musical genres – from the latin music that I love so dearly, to the sweet Soca of my homeland, Hip-Hop, RnB, Kizomba and more – has given me that unique gift of being able to connect with every individual I play for and to uplift their mood through the musical journey on which I take them. 

Music is, has been, and always will be a saviour. It has been with me through good times and bad and has moulded me into the brand I am today. It pushes me to strive for better. DJ Mel-T will continue to evolve. Increased international exposure, exploring the world of music production, refining my skills through continued training and becoming a mentor to young women trying to enter this world are just a few of the exciting things I am working on for the future.